Selfmade Markdown Daily Journal

· 2 minutes to read

Yesterday night I wanted to write my daily recap for myself. I already did that months ago and I used Day One for that task, honestly I liked it, but I didn’t love it. So yesterday night I felt the urge to look for alternatives, and after searching for half an hour I’ve found nothing that suited my simple needs.

I just need something that lets me write my daily recap in Markdown and save it to my Dropbox. Just words, no images, videos or other embeddable stuff. The file should be named logically with todays date and should appear in my Dropbox, but I didn’t want to tell the app every day where it should save the file and how I want it to be named.

So I came up with that script:

I created a simple workflow in Alfred and mapped it to the keyboard shortcut N. So every time I hit that shortcut Typed – my favorite markdown editor – opens up the current file without me having to create or search any file via Finder.